9 Steps to Mixing and Filling Vape Cartridges Without Mess

First-timers will find mixing and filling the dab cartridge messy. First-timers need to be cautious about spilling or wasting product and not fill the cartridge too full. It’s worse to have product waste after you fill the cartridge. Let’s now learn how to make a dab pen and fill it at home.

Supplies required

  • Cartridges
  • Concentrate or oil of THC/CBD
  • Viscosity booster or liquefier
  • Cannabis-derived terpenes or pure terpenes plants
  • 10-ml syringe with a blunted 14-gauge tip
  • Hot water bath [pot, or bowl]
  • Metal mixing
  • Cleansing with alcohol wipes
  • Gloves
  • Digital scale

These instructions will work for approximately 5 ml (approximately 5 g) of oil. Milliliters are best for accuracy, but grams can be used if you have a digital scale.

Heat the gélules cbd or concentrate to 85°C to 90°C.

  1. Make sure that the oil has liquefied completely. You must not have any chunks or settles at the bottom of the oil. Mix a viscosity booster in a ratio of 2:1 if you use concentrates such as shatter instead of oil. To increase the viscosity or potency, you can add more concentrate. You can also add viscosity booster to reduce viscosity or potency. You can choose what you prefer!
  2. If you are using CBD oil, add the terpenes or viscosity booster. However, if your product is liquefied concentrate, you can still add the terpenes since you have already added it. The oil ration and terpene ratio are subjective.

The recommended terpenes/viscosity booster amount is 5% to 10%, for a total of 10%-20%. You will need to use 5g of full-spectrum CBD oil to get 0.5g of terpenes or viscosity boosters. The finished product weighs 6 grams and is ready for you to fill your vape pen.

  1. Combine all ingredients. Mix the ingredients thoroughly. It must be emulsified.
  2. Use a marked needle to inject the oil mixture.
  3. You can use 1 ml of the empty cartridge to mix 1 ml from the syringe.
  4. Cap the cartridges tightly after filling them. Allow them to rest in a flipped position for an hour. The cartridge’s air trapped during filling and capping will be released from their intake holes. The rest period is when the cartridge flips. This allows for air to flow freely without any leakage. This is an important step.
  5. To clean any oil that has escaped from a syringe or cartridge, use the alcohol swab.
  6. Now it is time for you to test the final product. To ensure the heating element is properly primed, start with small puffs. The priming cartridge will ensure maximum flavor and no burnt taste from the beginning to the end.

How much money can you save by filling your cartridge at work?

Filling your CBD cart can help you save significant time and allow you to customize your dosage according to your needs. If mixing and filling is a problem for signature cartridges in many strengths and flavors.