We are delighted to offer our readers the opportunity of contributing to our website as a guest article. We’ll have many more interesting health-related guest blogs written by our readers on topics such as health, medicine wellness, lifestyle, and yoga. If you are an expert in a particular area, would you like to share it with our audience? If so, we’d love to hear from you! There is no better time than now to share your knowledge and experiences with others. It will help them create and grow their businesses, and also improve their financial condition. As a writer for us, you can, among other perks and benefits, increase exposure to your work and promote your company.

Contributed articles must encourage awareness and inspire, or at least educate, the reader. They should motivate the reader and encourage them to take actions that will help the company achieve its goals.

Guidelines For Individuals Interested In Writing For A Healthier Blog

We are glad that you are considering contributing to Beehealthy.org by sharing your writing.

What other kinds of articles am I capable of writing?

Articles can be written to fit the specific categories.

  • Prevention of illness and fitness
  • Well-Being
  • Weight Loss
  • Nutrition

We will not tolerate any link to websites that feature pornographic material and/or deal with illegal substances.

Guidelines Of Guest Point Submission: Please Write To Us

Our team will not accept any information that is not unique, original, or relevant. Copyscape or Google is used to verify articles before publication.

  • For each post, the number of words should be between 600 and 2000.
  • Any project requires that you use either original, licensed, publically accessible, or both. (We ask for your understanding of the copyright of others.
  • Reading the articles should not be hard. The sections should be divided with subheadings to make them easier to comprehend.
  • Our team appreciates small business advice, in the form of lists, tutorials, or other resources.
  • Make sure every link in an article links to a website that’s relevant to the topic.
  • A maximum of 2 links per 300 words is ideal. Include a link that points to the author’s website.
  • A byline is a must for the author.
  • I would greatly appreciate it if your posts linked to this article. In return, could you please publish engaging information for others to link to?
  • We are selective in selecting the pieces to be published. You must write engaging, creative, and educational pieces.

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