What Is Speech Therapy – All About Its Treatment And Its Needs

A speech disorder is something that we must have seen in adults and kids both. Though we are worried about this problem, we do have a solution for the same and i.e. speech therapies. They are performed by SLPs (Speech-Language Pathologists) who do the assessment and treatments of any kind of communication problems.

A speech disorder is something that kids might develop during their childhood or an adult must be facing the same due to an injury or illness. A speech therapist can help you deal with this problem. You can contact GenPhysio which is a mobile speech pathology. They are one of the best in speech therapy Brisbane services. If you are too busy with your life, then you can even call them home to conduct the therapy.

Need for a Speech therapy

You can not only treat speech but also language disorders through this therapy such as:

  • An articulation disorder is the inability to form certain words.
  • A fluency disorder affects the flow, speed, and even the rhythm of the speech
  • A resonance disorder occurs due to the blockage or something that is obstructing the regular airflow in the nasal or oral cavities.
  • A receptive disorder is something where you cannot understand or process anything which others want to say.
  • An expressive disorder where a person finds it difficult to convey or express his feelings
  • A cognitive-communication disorder where an injury is caused to the brain and this affects the ability to think.
  • Aphasia is a disorder that affects a person’s ability to read and write.
  • Dysarthria is a disorder where there is slow or slurred speech which mainly occurs due to weakness or inability to control the muscles.

About Speech therapy

An SLP will first do an assessment on the patient to identify which type of disorder you got. A child and an adult will require a different type of treatment. Every session will either be conducted in the classroom in groups or individually depending on your problem.


  • An SLP will talk to your kid or play with them using some books, pictures, or any objects which help to stimulate language development
  • They will teach them to make the correct sounds using models or syllables
  • Homework would be given to the child and the parent to practice at home.


Here it will help you with speech, language, and cognitive communication. It will also include teaching swallowing functions if the injury is caused due to Parkinson’s disease or oral cancer.

This also includes:

  • Improving cognitive communication by using methods like memory, problem-solving, and organization.
  • Improving social communication by using conservational tactics.
  • Breathing exercises and exercises to strengthen the oral muscles.

The amount of time required to complete this therapy will all depend on the age, type of problem, the amount of time spent on the therapy, and any other underlying conditions.

If you are worried about the success rate of this therapy, then let me tell you it will all depend on the type and the age of the person practicing this therapy. For kids, it is always better to start the process at an early age to get the best results.