How To Prepare Cannabis Infused Salve At Home?

Marijuana has a bad repute because it makes you get high. Nevertheless for past several years, it has become popular as a pain relief solution without inducing the psychoactive effect. The market is getting saturated with cannabis topical. Users can stay sober and benefit from its medicinal properties.

Reasons to use cannabis topical

  • Use it without any health risk as THC responsible for the psychoactive effect does not enter your bloodstream
  • No tension of being judged like in consuming edibles or smoking
  • At times, it is not possible to find place or time for smoking
  • Edibles with THC can impact your ability to stay mobile, productive and focused during the day
  • Direct delivery on the suffering region for instant relief in conditions ranging from headaches and soreness to psoriasis and inflammation

People suffering from chronic pain will be delighted to have marijuana salve for effective, natural and localized pain relief solution. You can make cannabis infused salves easily at home.

Great anti-properties of cannabis salve

  • Anti-inflammatory – Twists, sprains, joint & muscle pain, swelling, bruises, and burns
  • Antiseptic – Efficiently kills MRSA bug resistant to antibiotics.
  • Anti-aging – Loaded with anti-oxidants, so prevents DNA and cell damage due to free radicals.
  • Anti-cancer – Plenty of studies have proved the efficiency of cannabis in combating cancer cells.
  • Pain relief – It is analgesic, so can offer relief in skin deep painful conditions like arthritis.
  • Acne control – CBD is non-psychotropic and has antiseptic properties, so can help to reduce the excessive skin oil.

So, for great effect from this medicinal tool it can be used alone or in combination with other therapies.

Cannabis salve recipe


  • Natural bees wax
  • Organic coconut oil
  • Organic cannabis with good CBD level
  • Essential oil like tea tree or eucalyptus


  • Spatula
  • Measuring cup
  • Jar
  • Strainer
  • Stainless steel pan

How to prepare cannabis salve?

  • Pre-heat oven at 250┬░. Spread the grounded cannabis on baking sheet. Allow it to decarboxylate for around 20┬áminutes.
  • As the cannabis is getting decarboxylated, measure 2 cup coconut oil in a saucepan and let it melt. [If you are even using bees wax then the proportion to oil is 5:1. It means 5 ounce bees wax and 1 ounce oil]
  • Remove cannabis from oven and mix it with the melted coconut oil. On slow flame allow this mixture to cook for 20 minutes. Whisk it with spatula frequently.
  • Pour this mixture into a strainer and filter it.
  • Add essential oil to the mixture, after it cools down a little.

Be creative and add some ingredients before salve cools

  • Peppermint oil sooths the stiffness and pain as it offers a cooling effect.
  • Adding Bentonite clay allows to transform the mixture into anti-toxin balm.
  • Copiaba oil is loaded with BCP that helps to reduce the inflammation and pain.
  • Few safflower drops in the mixture and you get a great skin moisturizer.
  • Adding ginger, you get sweet good fragrance but avoid sensitive areas like open cuts or wounds.
  • Argan oil helps to increase cell production, thus promoting healthy skin. A great anti-aging balm.
  • Olive oil added to salve and applied after sun exposure helps to fight cancer causing cells.

Valuable tips

  • Store it in the refrigerator to increase its shelf-life.
  • Add antioxidant or Vitamin E at approximate 0.5% of recipe weight. Add it when salve cools completely.