Look for Certain Signs That Indicate the Cannabis Quality

For growing a healthy and dynamic cannabis crop, it is necessary to plant a high-quality seed. Obviously, growers will also need to consider adequate watering, proper nutrients, and good light quality for harvesting a good yield.

Look for nostalgia marijuana seeds for sale, online. Good and reliable seed banks offer nostalgia seeds like Afghan Kush Fem, Acapulco Gold Fem, Panama Fem, Mama Thai Reg and more. However, you need to consider several factors, while buying quality seeds. A few of the signs that signify the cannabis seed are not worth the effort and time.

Appearance and feel

The cannabis seed look will help to gauge the traits and quality of the strain. Some obvious details are mentioned below.

Good seeds signs –

  • Dark outer shell color
  • Black and gray shades are good seed signs
  • Sometimes aesthetic tiger stripes get displayed
  • Firm to touch and will not bend under applied pressure between index finger and thumb

Poor quality seeds

  • Crumble and crack under pressure, so are unusable.
  • Old seeds are also not worth wasting time.
  • Immature, young seeds appear white and greenish in appearance. They are not likely to germinate but even if they do the plant will take long to grow.

It is worth to look for fresh seeds of optimal age.

Seeds from the bottom of the bag

Smokers are very pleased, when they discover cannabis seeds in the bag. Seeds in the bag mean grower messed and allowed female plants to pollinate. Due to pollination the female plant stopped producing THC. It focused its energy in producing seeds. Moreover, the seeds added to the weight, which indicates you got less marijuana for your money.

Test to see, if seed is worth…..

Germinate it

A real test to see the genetic potential of cannabis seed is to just plant it under the soil. You will soon see the results. The seed will germinate well.

Conduct float test

After analyzing the seeds appearance and toughness, perform an easy test. Fill a glass of water and place the seed on its surface. There are two possibilities –

  • If the seeds swim on the surface of water then they are of poor quality and need to be thrown away.
  • If they sink like cannonball then they are healthy and ready for germination.

The results will take a couple of hours and you will need to wait patiently for the float test results. Some quality cannabis seeds need sufficient time for absorbing the water, so they can sink. The seeds that remain on the top of the branches, are not worthy of your effort and time.

Perform this test only, when you are planning to plan the seeds instantly afterwards. Water passed the seed membrane, when it got sunk activating germination or time to grow.

Tips to choose the best strain

  • Less experienced grower must choose an indica strain as they are easy to grow and robust.
  • Outdoor growers must plant early, so that the harvest is ready before the arrival of frost and pests.
  • Indoor growers can choose small Indica plants that grow uniformly and ripe quickly.
  • Some varieties generate robust noticeable skunky smell but there are some delicious aromas including fruity and herb flavors.