Another Back Problem: A Brief Overview of Sciatica

A pain management specialist in Joplin can help you with different back problems, including sciatica. If you’ve ever had an aching sensation along your lower back down to one of your legs, you might be experiencing sciatic nerve pain. The path of this nerve also runs along the hip and buttocks, making it debilitating. Want to learn more? Keep reading.


One of the most common symptoms is felt down the back of one leg. Likened to a numb or stinging feeling, it has also been known to make the muscle feel weak. There are instances when you’ll feel something like an electric jolt, too. Standing, walking, and even sitting for extended periods can aggravate it.With the pain ranging from mild to severe, it may last anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

Another sign involves extreme discomfort from your lumbar (lower spine) to your buttocks. Any kind of pain along the path of the sciatic nerve can be considered a form of sciatica.Consider reaching out to a specialist in pain management in Joplin, Missouri,for help today.


The cause of this medical condition is linked to an irritation of the spinal nerves due to old age, pregnancy, or obesity. When not resolved immediately, the irritation can worsen and result in the following:

  • Herniated discs – Between each bone of your spine is a jelly-like cushion called a spinal disc, which is composed of a soft interior and a hard exterior. Herniated discs happen when the core is pushed out and damages the shell.
  • Spinal osteophyte – Also called a “spur,” this happens when bony projections develop along the edges of the spine. These protrusions in the vertebra are caused by pressure in the backbone.


It’s important to maintain an exercise routine inclusive of your spine and legs. It also helps to alleviate any undue pressure if you practice proper posture when sitting, standing, walking, and working out.

If you’re ever experiencing the symptoms of sciatica, the discomfort you’re feeling is a result of damaged nerve tissue. In most cases, it’s not permanent, so the chances of it escalating are usually low. If your lower back, hips, or one of your legs is aching, seek medical attention immediately or consult with a pain management specialist in Joplin.