All About Visiting A Med-Spa for The First Time

If you need to get a medical grade facial or a cosmetic procedure, it is not necessarily important to go to a medical facility, as now there are many medical-spas available. A med-spa is a combination of a medical facility and a spa. It is a perfect place to get treated by a licensed physician as well as enjoy the pampering and relaxing atmosphere of a spa.

If you are planning to visit a med-spa for the first time, it is pretty normal to feel excited and overwhelmed, but don’t over think. The learned and experienced staff of Arviv Medical Aesthtics in Tampa are pretty good at what they do, and you can be rest assured that everything is going to go just fine. However, if you are too nervous about the treatment, simply keep on reading to know what to expect while visiting a med-spa for the first time.

What to expect while visiting a med-spa for the first time?

Getting appointment for Consultation and Treatment: Usually, med-spas are very strict about their appointment schedules. However, there are even such facilities which can accommodate you at the last moment. Nevertheless, if you want to spend sufficient time during your consultation, it is recommended to take an appointment. Also, don’t expect to get the treatment right away, you might have to come back for the treatment after the initial consultation.

Upon checking in: A med-spa is basically a medical facility with an ambiance of a spa. So, you can expect the place to be very much comfortable and the documentation procedures a little longer. While checking in, you will need to furnish identification and complete appropriate paper work.

Questions to expect: As it is a medical facility, be prepared to answer some questions while checking in. You might be asked questions like:

  • What treatments have you had in the past?
  • What skin care products are you using?
  • Do you need the treatment done for any special occasion?

Ambiance and Amenities: The ambiance will greatly depend on the type of med-spa facility you choose to visit. Some are extremely well designed, whereas some are too simply for anyone’s taste. As far as amenities are concerned, don’t expect Jacuzzis, saunas and steams. Remember, it is mainly a medical facility and not a traditional spa. Also, there won’t be any locker rooms, so it is advised that you leave all your valuables at home.

Clothing: Depending on the med-spa and the treatment you are about to get you can expect to change into a robe and slippers. For a pre-surgical consultation, you might have to change into a paper gown, just like the one you change into at a doctor’s clinic. Nevertheless, if you are only there for injectables and fillers, there will be no need to change your attire.

Post treatment follow-up: Once the treatment is done, you can expect the med-spa to call you and check on you. You will be even provided with a list of at home care procedures. Usually, the list will consist of post treatment dos and don’ts.

So, there you go. Visiting a med-spa isn’t that tricky isn’t it? Well, just relax and book an appointment today.