How to Prepare for Your Upcoming Eye Care Appointment

Do you have an upcoming Tacoma eye care appointment but not quite sure how to prepare yourself? Don’t worry, switching to a new eye doctor can be scary. However, by following this short guide, you’ll learn exactly how to prepare for your summer appointment. Starting with finding yourself a new eye doctor, here’s how you can prepare for an eye care appointment this month.

Find a Local Eye Doctor

The first thing you should do is find yourself a reputable local eye doctor (if you haven’t done so already). Some people need to make the switch due to rising prices, lack of quality service, relocation, etc. Whatever the reason may be, it’s essential you find a new eye care center close to your home that you can visit for your annual exam.

Prepare Your Old Prescriptions

If you have any old prescriptions from years prior, you should plan on bringing them to your visit. This way, your eye doctor can see how your vision has progressed or regressed. Although they’ll be able to tell your prescription from your glasses, it’s always helpful to have a printed copy on hand.

Bring Your Glasses and/or Contact Lenses

Aside from bringing in your old prescriptions, you should also plan on bringing your old glasses and/or contact lenses (if you wear them). This way, you can have these updated with new lenses or recycle/toss them if you’re buying new glasses or getting new contacts. Plus, if you don’t have a prescription on hand, your eye doctor can check your glasses for the prescription using a specific device they carry in the office.

Prepare Any Questions You May Have

Before your appointment, you should also plan on preparing any questions you may have. This way, all your concerns can be answered during your trip to the eye doctor. No matter how big or small the question may be, your eye care center should be more than willing to help to find your answer. Once you have a few ready, make sure to note them down, or else you might forget!

There are a few ways you can start preparing for your upcoming Tacoma eye care appointment, from finding yourself a local eye doctor to preparing any questions you may have. Although you may be nervous about your upcoming visit, there’s nothing to be worried about! Hopefully, this brief guide could help some of your questions.