CBD Gummies That Do Not Contain THC – What Are They?

There is so much stress these days and without changing lifestyle the stress related diseases also have been on the rise. We have tried lots of different things to combat stress like regular exercising, recreational activities, de-stressing spas, outdoor activities and trips and what not.

One such way of combating stress and harvesting other health benefits in the recent times is by using CBD oils in our diet and dietary supplements and in other topical forms like creams, lotions etc. CBD gummies are one of the easiest ways to try CBD for beginners.

Even for people who have been using CBD for a while, in other forms, definitely find CBD gummies are easier to consume, buy, store and take it whenever and wherever with them. Be it the CBD gummies or any other CBD product, you can buy it from the online store of JUSTCBD. They have the purest products with assured and certified quality.

Why CBD gummies are great

As I just told you, the CBD gummies are preferred by everyone over any other CBD products because of the following reasons –

  • They are edible and are easy to consume
  • They are sweet and are available in many flavors
  • They can be carried around with you easily, right in your pockets or handbag as they are compactly packed.
  • The consumption can be discreet too, if you wish.

The controversy around CBD gummies

The last point in the previous paragraph would have given you this question why anyone would want to consume a health supplement product discretely. Let me answer you that in a while. Before that, I would like to throw some light on what CBD is and why it gets projected under bad light at times.

The CBD, abbreviation of the Cannabidiol is a chemical compound extracted from the cannabis plant. It is a wonder drug and it has an array of health benefits without any harmful side effects. However, CBD is not the only compound that is present in the hemp or cannabis plants.

On the other hand, the THC, one of the many compounds present in the cannabis plant, is a psycho active drug. It creates altered perception at times, when consumed in certain proportions. This is the main reason why people fear or may have some issues with consuming CBD products.

A CBD product with No THC

As the name suggests, are there CBD products really with no THC? The answer is No. You may be surprised to know this, but the fact is that all CBD products may contain THC but in very negligible proportions. The government and the certifying authorities say that a maximum of 0.3% of THC in a CBD product is permissible.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about the little traces of THC that may be present in your CBD health supplements as they hardly do have any effect. They do not cause any problems and you can be sure about the same.