Top Medical benefits of marijuana from

You will be for a surprise when you come to understand why studies are being carried out on this herb. For your benefit, you can find out medical benefits you will get when you visit to get this treatment.

  • Slows and stops the spread of cancer cells

Research has shown that cannabidiol turns off the gene called ID-1, thus stopping cancer. Research also states that CBD prevents the spread of cancer. Researchers used breast cancer cells in the laboratory with high levels of Id-1 and used cannabidiol to treat them.

The results were positive as the cells had a decrease in Id-1 expressions, and spreaders were less aggressive. The research association found that it slows the growth of tumour in lungs, breast, and brain.

  • Prevention of Alzheimer’s

THC is an active ingredient found in marijuana at pharmacy and it slows down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. THC also slows down the formation of plaques of amyloid by blocking enzymes inside the brain making them. The plaques kill the cells of the brain and results in Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Treatment of glaucoma

Marijuana from pharmacy can be of use in the treatment of glaucoma, which leads to an increase in the eyeball pressure, injuring optic nerves, and leading to loss of vision. Marijuana helps lower pressure in the eye.

  • Relieve arthritis

In a 2011 research, reports are that cannabis aids in the reduction of inflammation and pain, and promotes sleep that might help relieve discomfort and pain for individuals with rheumatoid arthritis.

Researchers in the rheumatoid units at various hospitals gave patients cannabinoid pain relieving medication. Two weeks later, there was reduced pain in the patients and improved quality of sleep compared to users of placebos.

  • Controlling epileptic seizure

There is working evidence at showing that the use of medical cannabis controls epileptic seizures.

Medical practitioners at pharmacy gave synthetic marijuana and marijuana extracts to epileptic rats. These drugs stopped seizure in ten hours.

It has been found out that THC controls seizures by binding the cells of the brain responsible for regular relaxation and controlling excitability.

  • Eases pain of multiple sclerosis

Medical marijuana works towards stopping negative effects and spasms of the muscle resulting from multiple sclerosis. Studies at different institutes and pharmacy suggest that medical marijuana may ease symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

In a study of over thirty patients with multiple sclerosis in muscles, it is known that patients do not respond to conventional medications. However, after using medical marijuana for several days, they reported reduced pain in their muscles. THC found in the pot bonds to nerve receptors and muscles for pain relief.

  • Sooth tremors in individuals with Parkinson’s disease

Studies state that smoking medical marijuana from reduces tremors and pain and improves sleep for individuals with Parkinson’s disease. The aspect that was impressive about this study is that there was improvement of fine motor skills in patients.

Many nations have legalized medical marijuana, and deep research has been carried out into medical uses of cannabis supported by the government.