Dental Implants – Get to Know Why Are They So Important and Gaining Popularity

Dental implant is a replacement for tooth/teeth through technical procedures. The implant mimics the structural and functional properties of the tooth. Over here a titanium root like structure is carefully inserted into the gum structure which holds both the crown and bridge together.

Nevertheless, it feels and functions like original tooth and will last lifelong if you take proper dental care of it. In Australia, dental implants have become quite common and there are several clinics which offer the service. Before opting for it, you can visit the center for better understanding.

You can book an appointment and ask your queries. Most of these centres provide implant services using single or even multiple teeth at one time, depending on the problem. Dental implants in Canberra has become popular because most of the clinics have high facilities and are technologically advanced. You can also get good deal and discounts if you are going for services in package.

In this advanced era, dental implant is a technological art and the best tooth replacement solution over any types of dental procedures. Moreover, it can be done at any age without much downtime after the treatment. Patients who have used this procedure are benefited and you can check positive customer reviews on most of the dental websites. Let us check the benefits in detail.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental implants are just like your natural teeth

This is one of the biggest benefits of this implant. It restores the entire talking and chewing power. After the surgery, you cannot find the difference between your natural and implanted tooth. Patients have reported that they are just leading a normal life. They can eat, brush and even floss normally.

Dental implants can be for lifetime

With proper dental care at home and periodical clinical care dental implants can last lifelong. Unlike dental bridges where its maximum lasts 10 years, dental implants do not come with any expiry date. Since, it is made from titanium it does not react with the body and perfectly sets in the jawbone. For its bio-compatibility it does not react with any food chemicals and hence is a dentist’s first choice.

Dental implants help in bone loss prevention

Bone loss occurs in the jaw where there is a gap and there is no stimulation within the jaw to keep it intact. Therefore, with time the empty space starts deteriorating. Within a year of tooth loss, if there is no implant you can lose up to 27 percent of bone volume. Nonetheless, it increases with time.

You will be surprised to know the traditional dentures can accelerate calcium loss within the bone and often patients have reported of tooth pain. As they rub against the ridge of the gum, they gradually become loose. Implant is like an artificial tooth and hence it does not interfere with bone density and jaw structure.

Dental implants stabilize adjacent tooth

When there is a gap in the gum, there is more pressure on the side teeth and it can unnaturally shift towards the gap, giving much pain. Not only this displaces the tooth position but also makes chewing and biting difficult. It can also impair your speech. If dental implant is not done on time, the natural tooth can interfere in the replacement and make it difficult to operate.