5 Reasons Dental Implants Are Superior to Dentures

If you wear dentures or use a dental bridge, you’ve likely wondered about switching over to dental implants. Perhaps you thought it might be a good idea, but wasn’t for you. Well, the fact is that dental implants have several benefits that dentures can’t match. Here are a few reasons to look into teeth implant centers in New Jersey.

1. They Act Like Real Teeth

When you have dental implants you can actually chew your food like you used to. You don’t have to worry about avoiding certain foods, or dealing with any discomfort while chewing. You might not even notice any difference between your teeth implants and your old teeth, and you can floss and brush them like regular teeth as well.

2. They’re Permanent

Whereas dentures and bridges may last 10 years, dental implants last a lifetime. Made of titanium and integrated into the jawbone, New Jersey teeth implants are firmly fixed and can’t be rejected by the body.

3. They Protect Other Teeth

If you still have some of your own teeth, teeth implants will keep them stable. Without an implant, the remaining teeth will shift towards the empty space in your mouth. Implants prevent this from happening, and will hold the original teeth firmly in place. Furthermore, because they attach directly to the jaw bone, dental implants keep the bone from weakening, making it less likely that you’ll lose the teeth you still have. The result is better looking teeth, easier chewing, and a superior overall bite.

4. They Prevent Gum Disease

Gaps that exist where teeth used to be can become repositories for food. When food gets trapped in there, bacteria can form, leading to gum disease. Dental implants fill these gaps with permanent teeth that can be easily brushed and flossed, keeping the chances of acquiring gum disease to a minimum.

5. They Prevent Premature Aging

Missing teeth results in bone loss. When your jawbone deteriorates, your face assumes a sagging look that can make you appear far older than you actually are. Increased wrinkles, thinner lips, and a decreased distance between the nose and chin only accentuate the fact that you have missing teeth. Permanent implants, however, keep your jawbone strong and healthy so you won’t have to worry about your jaw changing its shape over time.

Make the move to New Jersey teeth implants, and you’ll soon be enjoying benefits that will last the rest of your life.