What is Crystal Meth? Its Effects and Remedies

Addiction to any kind of abused material has an adverse effect on physical and mental goodness of its user. Since past few decades addiction to Crystal Meth has been stated to be jeopardizing the health of its users. The abused item has been favored by teenagers the most. Its adverse effects have even led to serious health issues leading to complicated treatment. To save your teenage child from crystal meth addiction, it is important to know more about the abused material, its side effects and remedies to treat its symptoms.

What exactly is crystal meth?

It is a form of Methamphetamine drug commonly called as Meth. The worst side effect of the drug is that it is stated to be one of the most addictive stimulant drugs. It has been marketed around since World War II used mainly to keep the soldiers excited to fight and be awake the whole time.

The drug dosage straightly affects the central nervous system of the user. Hence, the person feels overexcited, quite active, decrease in appetite and feel like talking all the time. It happens because one single dosage of the drug contains a large proportion of Dopamine.  The dosage can be taken in powder form while smoking or snorting. The users of the drug take oral tablets as well as inject it by dissolving Meth powder in water. However, the drug effect fades off quickly, hence its users need to take it every few hours to realize its intense effect on their body system.

The other popular names of crystal Meth are ‘Party drug’, ‘Ice drug’ and ‘Club drug’. It is odorless and the drug powder looks like clear crystal. Easily available in bars as the drug can be dissolved in alcohol and water quickly. It originates from the bluish-white rocks, thus quite potent. Generally, users take the drug by smoking or snorting its powder. Some seasonal users of drug inject the dosage too. Like its original form, Crystal Meth effects have short life leaving its user highly depressed and exhausted. The user experiences rapid heartbeat and rise in blood pressure.

What are other side effects of Crystal Meth helping to know if your child is addicted to it?

  • The child sleeping patterns change abruptly.
  • If they appear restless the whole day.
  • You can observe uncommon behavior in them like twisting their nails and scratching their skin. It shows their feeling of aggressiveness.
  • There is a sudden decrease in their body weight and isn’t ready to have their regular meals as they no longer feel hungry.
  • There are burn marks on their fingers and near mouth.
  • Indulging in thoughtless behavior often.

To make your child aware of the consequences of using crystal meth and free them wholly from its addiction, it is best to enroll them in a good reputable rehab center. If you live in Minnesota or nearby admit your teenage child in special methamphetamine treatment center in Minnesota. Your child will be well treated and trained well to cope with life after the intake of drug is totally stopped. The rehab staff will help in every way to ensure bright future for your child.