All About Balancing Your Body – Alkaline Vs. Acid

Most of the foods that we eat nowadays are more acidic and less alkaline. This means, our body is at a constant risk of developing hyper acidity. In fact, many individuals are suffering from acidosis. Apart from developing acidosis, the body is exposed to several other diseases and illness as well.

After reading this, you must be thinking about going for an alkaline vs acidic diets. Well, alkaline food is not the only thing you need, but a balance. All of us need to maintain a proper balance between alkaline and acidic foods. The best ratio for this is 80/20, 80% alkaline and 20% acidic.

Furthermore, excessive acidic PH can lead to serious health issues, as well as accelerate ageing. The thing is, bad bacteria, parasite, viruses, and thrush develop and excel in acidic environment. Conversely, an alkaline environment neutralizes their growth.

Acidic and Alkaline foods

There are generally two types of acidic and alkaline foods. First are the foods which are either acidic or alkaline. This means, the quantity of acid or alkaline contained in the food. Second are acid and alkaline forming foods. This means, foods which form either acid or alkaline in the body

Now, if you go and checkout food charts on internet, you will find plenty of them talking about the PH levels of different food products. Generally, the PH value assigned to any food calculate the acid or base effect of the body. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions, as the food product might have different PH level when it is outside the body, and show different levels once digested.

For instance, Lemon is an acidic fruit, and has a PH of 2. However, once it is consumed, is has an alkalizing effect on the body. As a matter of fact, it is one of the best alkalizing foods you can find in any kitchen.

However, to divide the foods into acidic and alkaline ones, it is generally said that fruits and veggies are most alkaline, whereas poultry, meat, sugar, dairy, processed foods, caffeine, etc. are mostly acidic. Grains are acidic too.

When you are choosing your meals on the basis of acid and alkaline, it is necessary that you consider foods with higher mineral content and lower toxins (which are after all acids). Also, try and pick organic items as non-organic foods are mostly grown in mineral-depleted soils, and exposed to toxins as well.

You can also get your dose of alkaline from supplements. However, depending on natural sources is always the best idea.

How does our lifestyle affect PH levels?

Too much of stress, mental or physical, can create PH imbalance. The thing is, the harder your body has to work to maintain PH levels, the more it is in stress. Now, all of us know that every illness and disease is a result of some sort of stress. This stress can either be on your muscles, or on your mind and heart.

Lastly, the key to remain healthy, is to maintain a sense of balance in everything. Take foods which are more alkaline based, and stress your body less. This will help you achieve the desired PH level and thus remain illness and disease free.