Things to Know about Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Hair Restoration

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy for hair restoration is a treatment provided by med spas in NYC that many people can benefit from. Whether you have hair loss due to typical male or female pattern baldness, alopecia, hormones, or other causes, PRP for hair loss can help restore the body’s ability to regenerate hair cells and restore your confidence as well. Here are some things you should know about this treatment.

How It Works

Platelet rich plasma has been used for many different health issues like the signs of aging and arthritis. That’s because using the body’s plasma, which contains platelets and white blood cells that are rich in growth factors, helps the body’s cells regenerate. The same theory is used in PRP for hair loss. The growth factors in the plasma injected into the scalp act as messengers to the skin cells to regenerate hair cells that previously have stopped working. The hair follicles are stimulated and new hair growth results.

What the Procedure Entails

PRP therapy uses the patient’s own blood and plasma to create a product that’s injected to stimulate hair growth. Your blood is drawn and a centrifuge removes the red blood cells. The remaining product is a thick, off-white substance called plasma. The plasma is injected directly into the scalp in the areas where you want to regrow the hair, usually every half inch over the thinning area. The small needle pricks may cause minor pain, but most people find the procedure relatively painless.

Risks of PRP

When you choose PRP treatments from the best med spas in NYC, your treatment carries very little risk. This is because the only real risk of this treatment is any risk from a non-sterile environment. As long as you go to a reputable place for the treatment, there aren’t risks other than some numbness or redness at the injection site since your own plasma is being placed back in your body.

Expected Results

While some people may see results after one treatment, it’s generally recommended by med spas in NYC that you have a monthly treatment for three or four months and then a treatment every three to six months, depending on the results. Many people see results within two or three months. The fastest results are seen in those suffering hair loss from pregnancy or stress. Areas that haven’t had hair for a longer period of time typically grow back more slowly.