Where To Enjoy Popular Mouth Watering Food In Memphis?

If you are in Memphis, the first stop will be at a barbeque food joint. Undoubtedly, Memphis has the best barbeque but during your visit around the city you cannot miss in sampling variety of tasty street food. You can join a food tour, if you are a foodie to get familiar with the specific ingredients Memphian culinary artists use.

Few places where you can taste food depicting the culinary skill of local chefs of Memphis:

  • Southern style home cooking delicious food: Visit Four Way restaurant in Southern side of Memphis Soulsville region. The food joint is near the popular Stax Museum of American Soul Music, thus in earlier days it was a relaxing meeting spot for Civil Rights leaders.


  • Best place to eat fried chicken: Gus’s fried chicken is unique in itself as it is cooked by the owners influenced by their family secret recipe. The chicken roast is loved for its juicy texture, soft to chew and the spicy aftermath taste. The side goes along with the chicken are baked beans with freshly baked bread slices. The branches of this food joint is all over the city, however the first started restaurant is in downtown of Memphis.


best restaurants in memphis



  • Donuts for your sweet taste to be fulfilled. Don’t forget to visit Gibson to taste its Maple Bacon donut. With is sweet icing you can never taste this variation in donut anywhere. The shop is open all the hours thus you can have the sweet flavored donuts for your breakfast as well as for your dessert after late night dinner.


  • The cheesy pizza flavored with various toppings. You can get varieties of pizzas for Aldo’s Pizza Pies. The most selling pizza kind is ‘Mr. T Rex’. The toppings are tomato sauce with pepperoni and the regular cheesy bites. Aldo’s pizzas are unique for the presence of their specially cooked meat balls. There you can have garlic knots and cheesecake for desserts.


  • Relish crunchy brunch of pancake in Automatic Slim’s. You can choose mimosa from the wide varieties available in their food joint along with flavored pancakes and waffles.


  • To enjoy good delicious lunch at Café Electric. You can select your likeable food from the top popular sandwiches and wraps. There are even diet nutritious salad and soups available to enjoy fulfilled lunch. In this coffee shop you can taste varied coffee flavors and crunch desserts combo with your family and friends.


  • Taste multi cuisine veggie dishes in Bounty on Broad. In Memphis vegans can enjoy fresh farm veggies cooked nicely by their local chef. Non vegans can taste the Chicken –Under – Brick tasty dish, oysters present in their half shell and all time favorite country ham and cheese.


  • Enjoy food truck’s menu offers: You can have food stuff in reasonable rate form food trucks present near parks and corners of streets. You can choose tacos, gourmet grilled cheese and even wide range of bacons.

To know in detail about best restaurants in Memphis log in to the city official website favoring tourism.