What is between Full and Partial Dentures?

Dentures are manmade teeth used in place of our natural teeth, if they are lost due to varied reasons. Mostly people prefer to have dentures when they have lost their teeth naturally due to age or due to some other reasons like a fall or an injury.  They visit their dentists to know in detail about the artificial implantation of teeth and whether it is possible for them to have dentures.

Dentures are recommended by dentists after they have examined you. They are safe. This helps you to chew your food better, improving digestion and your overall health. Your speech too gets better. You get as a bonus a beautiful smile as well.

How do you get yourself dentures?

The process starts with you getting an appointment with your dentist. He will check your teeth, gums and your oral health. If they feel that you need a pair of dentures, they will be taking accurate measurements by taking your jaw impression.

Then your measurements are used to create custom dentures that fit you like your natural teeth. It’s natural to feel some kind of discomfort and excessive salivation in the beginning. You will soon get used to it though.

Complete versus Partial dentures

Sometimes, the case is one loses all the teeth. In such situation, complete dentures are recommended. Sometimes if there remain few teeth, there is another option called partial dentures. Partial dentures help in filling the gap in between the natural health teeth. With the help of small metal clasps attached to the existing natural strong teeth, the new artificial teeth are set in the gaps.

In both cases, one should adhere to certain rules and instructions that come along with your dentures.

Immediate versus Conventional Dentures

Immediately after your dental treatment of tooth removal is done, you can go for dentures that help to fill the gap left by broken or removed teeth. These are readily available in dental sets that can be used immediately after the removal until your tissues heal and shrink. After the gums have healed completely, you can get yourself custom made Conventional dentures. It will be the perfect fit for you but they take about 4 to 6 weeks time.

Generally, your dentures are quite durable. There is very less wear and tear and it lasts for few years overall, with few minor repairs and adjustments done in between.

Remember to do the following to get the best of out of your dentures:

·         Clean the teeth regularly using soft toothbrush like you would brush your natural teeth.

·         Use specific products to clean them as suggested by your dentist.

·         Do deep cleaning once in a week as directed by your dentist.

 If proper care is taken, then getting complete or partial dentures can be the best and cheaper alternative to other costlier dental treatment methods like the dental implants etc. You can flash those perfect teeth and keep smiling always.

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