Different Kinds of Waxing Available in Reputed Beauty Salons

Waxing has become a popular way remove unwanted hair on the body. The prime valid reasons are that it helps in keeping the skin smooth and free from unwanted hair for longer time period compared to other hair removing methods.

If you are waxing on any part of the body for the first time then it is best to know the details about waxing before the procedure. You can ask beauticians of any reputed salon or visit websites of world renowned cosmetologists. People living in Colorado can consult expert beauticians of wax center Lakewood CO anytime to know in detail about the waxing process.

Mentioning few types of body waxing:

  • Basic kinds of wax applied are of two kinds. To decide any of the kind depends upon the place the wax has to be applied and client’s personal preference.
    • Hard wax: It is used mainly on smaller sensitive areas of the body like facial parts, under the arms and in bikini area. The wax when applied on the skin cools and hardens after few minutes. When the wax is lifted the hair automatically is pulled up smoothly. The beneficial feature of hard wax is that you don’t need cloth to remove the wax. This kind of wax helps the process to be less painful and also there are less chances of inflammation. However, for effective removal of hair the area where the hard wax is applied should be small otherwise the wax will break. Make sure that the beauticians are using high quality hard wax otherwise wax will stick to your body parts.
    • Soft wax: Usually preferred to be applied on larger body areas like legs, arms and back. The wax is applied, covered with soft cloth and removed effortlessly. The most beneficial feature of the wax is that it removes even the finest hair. It is easier to apply and less messy compared to hard wax.
  • Kinds of wax based on their temperature:
    • Cold wax type: In this kind, readymade waxing strips is used where semi solid wax is already on it. It is pressed down on the area where hair is to be removed. The strip is rubbed in the direction of hair growth and pulled in the opposite direction to remove hair swiftly. This kind of wax isn’t much preferable as it may irritate the skin and may leave out the finest hair on the skin. It is less painful compared to all kind of wax however you need to repeat the process on the same part to remove all the finest hair. It is convenient to use.
    • Hot wax: It needs to be melted before applying on the body. A thin layer of it is applied to be covered with the muslin cloth. The cloth or strip is applied in the direction of hair growth and then removed quickly in the opposite direction. Hot wax opens the pores and the hair follicles, thus removes hair quickly and is less painful too.  Thus, this type of wax is suitable for sensitive skin. It spreads evenly on all the area thus removing the hair with ease.