The Benefits of a Spa Software Umbrella

There are so many reasons why the right Spa Management Software, will make your life running a business so much simpler and effective. If you’re seriously considering a spa management system to get all of your information under one umbrella, you won’t be sorry. Here are some benefits that you’ll for sure notice if you get set up with the right software.

Calendar Organization

Having a system that allows all of your business’ calendars to be under one umbrella will be so helpful, especially for your spa. You most likely have many employees that all have their own clients, such as hair professionals, nail professionals, and spa professionals. When you’re able to access all of their calendars in one software program, it makes booking appointments and managing spa meetings much easier.

Employee Management

In addition to keeping everyone’s schedules in order, you’ll be able to manage the hours everyone works in this same system. You can utilize time cards to make sure the working hours are being tracked appropriately. Also, you can use the same software for payroll to make sure the paychecks line up with the hours logged. Allowing this bookkeeping software and scheduling software to be under one umbrella, the ease of keeping track of all the details has never been easier.

Point of Sale System

The same system that can keep track of schedules, employee’s hours worked, and the payroll can also be the same system that takes client’s payments. You’ll have the opportunity to work with different merchant services to ensure that everything works together in one system, so the services provided correspond with the services paid for. It’s a good way to also keep track of tips.

Client Records

When you take the client’s payment, you’ll also be able to keep client records on file in the software. Just like any software that gathers client information, it’ll be crucial for making notes about what services they get done, who they like to go to, and special notes like their preferred method of payment. These records help to get to the know the clients and lets them know that they’re a valued customer and their preferences are respected and honored.

CRM & Marketing Assistance

Using the same software, CRM and marketing assistance can be utilized to ensure that you’re reaching clients in the most effective way. You can set up automated emails with special deals and send out birthday coupons to every client in your system. However you choose to use the Spa Management Software, you’ll be able to have more capacity to put the needs and wants of your clients first because all of the business details are taken care of under one umbrella.