Choose the Right Position for Pendant Lights to Complement the Interiors

Lighting defines the décor of your home and it is quite important to understand the position of lightings so that it complements your space. Pendant lights are the one that hang from the ceiling and give a warm look to your home. These lights are classic and it gives a stylish look to any space. Pendant lights can even light up the dark areas in your room. Let’s understand the different types of pendant lights available in the market and where they will look the best.

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Things to Know

  • Drum pendants are the light fixtures look like a drum and made up of materials like plastic, glass and metals. You can place these lights in a room with low ceilings as it will bright the space with its strong and consistent light. These lights can work the best for your dining area.
  • Island pendant lights are those hanging fixtures that can complement the rectangular space like your kitchen counter and bar. You can choose a set of lights and add grace to your space. You can choose the light that matches the décor of your interiors. You can consider buying the basket shaped pendant lights.
  • Lantern pendant lights are quite elegant and classy. The new generation lights come in symmetric shape and it is a fusion of the traditional and modern light fixtures. Lantern pendants are made with metallic finish and you can use them to decorate a room with a rustic look.
  • Bell shaped pendant lights are made with metallic finish with bell framework. These lights can be used in bathroom and kitchen, for well-spaced rooms, you can try it with the bookshelf or the closet. You must buy the bell-shaped pendants with the iron finish for the classic look.
  • If you have a small space that you want to decorate then stem pendant lights will work the best. These light fixtures are designed with a stem that is a metal pipe hanging from the ceiling. These metal pipes have light fixtures and you can use them in your closet or over bookcases.

These are some of the things one should know about pendant lights and position.